Review: Ingrid Goes West

When we meet Aubrey Plaza’s obsessive titular Ingrid, she is pepper spraying a bride out of frustration of not being invited to her very Instagrammable wedding. Turns out, Ingrid never even knew the bride but had become fixated on her feed and the one kind remark the woman had made to her. I should pause here to say how much I personally obsess admire about Aubrey Plaza. She’s so cool… sigh. But I digress.

Ingrid spends a little time in a psych ward after the bridal assault as we also learn she’s recently lost her mother. Ingrid Goes West with her inherited money but soon finds herself back in the same pattern as she follows (literally) her new social media star, Elizabeth Olsen’s Taylor Sloane. Ingrid kidnaps Taylor’s dog only to return the pooch later to get into her good graces. The grateful couple (because Taylor is with man-bunned Ezra, of course) invite Ingrid to dinner as thanks and into their lives.

Not a wise choice as the sociopathic Ingrid begins to manipulate everyone around her to keep up the lifestyle she’s created – and shared on her own feed. It’s mostly terribly awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Which may be why I didn’t love Ingrid Goes West; awkward humor isn’t my thing. But I tend to think it’s more because the story isn’t very well-developed, nor are the characters. It’s like the whole film is one long social media feed lacking depth and substance.

Really, really short review: About as multi-dimensional as an Instagram post.


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