Review: Home Again

Contrived Reese Witherspoon vehicle Home Again can boast about having an outstanding trailer. I cannot say the same about the actual film. Populated by phoned-in performances, remarkably wooden dialog, and throw-away characters, I began to imagine the parts of it that were missing and mentally filling them in to make up for the bad edits and plot holes. Mores the pity because Witherspoon has often been a charming addition to a romcom (see Sweet Home Alabama or Legally Blonde, but certainly NOT Just Like Heaven).

Her Alice in Home Again is strictly defined in terms of the men in her life: her film director father, her music producer husband, her wannabe filmmaker boy toy. She has never found herself and barely seems to be looking. She is looking for men with remarkably good hair though. Really. It’s exceptional. The estranged, well-coiffured husband only appears in Act II because the plot with The Haircut Boy Toy is stalled without more conflict than he’s just a very young jerk. Alice’s mom (Candice Bergen) isn’t helping, and the precocious kids are straight out of central casting: the artsy one wants to be on anti-depressants, and littler one is just there to be the cute blonde kid.

Really, really short review: Don’t go Home Again.


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