Review: Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas are back for one last riff-off in Pitch Perfect 3 and this time it’s a USO tour to entertain the troops in Europe. The rest of the plot isn’t super important here – they’re still pretty, they’re still singing, they’re still (sort of) competing – as our girls discover that life after college is largely not an opportunity to make music with their mouths.

Director Trish Sie has delivered a silly, synthetic movie that’s also lots of fun with some hilarious jokes set against beautiful vistas. Those setting can’t help that they couldn’t quite decide who was going to be the baddie in this outing: Daddy, the Music Exec or the Competition. So they’re all a little on the bad side (some of the acting included). But you’re not watching any of the Pitch Perfect trilogy for the performances (outside of the singing). Side note: what is with all the daddy issues with these girls? Absent, jerky or overbearing, all the Bella Dads we meet have gone on record suggesting  “I won’t be your father figure.”

The plot may not be the strongest element of the film, as usual, but these ladies can still sing. The on-stage performances are well-rehearsed entertainment on all counts with the Bellas et al belting out a variety of known pop commodities. And John Lithgow as Fat Amy/Patricia’s Aussie father is surprisingly amusing.

Really, really short review: A happy, silly way to spend 94 minutes.



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