Review: Killing Eve

Killing Eve, the new spy series on BBC America from Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge puts a female assassin and the female British intelligence officer chasing her at the center of its story. Given that so many spy movies and series kill off the women with little disregard for their story arc, it’s a refreshing change. It’s also damn entertaining.

Killing Eve has been much-hyped, and as far as I can see, lives up to its press; it’s already been renewed for season two. The women here, Eve the obsessed agent and Villanelle the psychopathic assassin, are fascinatingly real. If you are familiar with Waller-Bridges’ previous series that will come as no surprise. If not, dear reader, you have missed something special in Fleabag. Go forth and Google.

Paris! Tuscany! Bletcham! It’s a universe (created by author Luke Jennings) with murky ethics that these two women inhabit as they hunt one another. Who’s really they bad guy? Mostly the guys. Villanelle is delightfully oddball and relishes her wet work taking out some bad men. She’s funny, sexy, sexual and deadly. And a total psychopath. Eve is a little obsessed and goes from desk-bound analyst with a theory (a la Jack Ryan) to someone who seems to have a handle on what the rest of the spies are missing. When Eve stumbles into a messy murder scene Villanelle has left in her wake, we begin to see their paths must eventually cross with more murderous results. If Hannibal is your mug of blood, Eve just might be too.

Anti…………….cipation for that moment to come again soon.

Really, really short review: Killing Eve is lots of fun (those title cards!), peculiar in all the right ways, and worth the time to get to know these women.


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