Review: Annihilation

Look, I’m not here to judge, (actually, that’s not true: it’s the actual reason we’re here) but Annihilation is, in my opinion, a rather bad movie. There’s no discernible plot that plays out over the two-hour film. And that’s saying something when it comes to a mysterious thriller that’s about soldiers and scientists and trees and monsters and aliens and lighthouses. While filled with some beautifully-shot moments and lots of interesting light tricks, Annihilation is also remarkably dull.

Sure, there are jump moments in this sci-fi thriller, but in between it’s a lot of women walking through swampy Florida swamps, constantly in peril. It’s also surprisingly poorly acted given there’s an Oscar winner on screen for a large part of the film. But Natalie Portman seems wooden and awkward as does Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac – possibly because of the largely wooden and awkward dialogue.

Really, really short review: This sci-if thriller offers lots of screaming and shimmering, but very little entertaining.


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