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Editor-in-Chief Erin Ellison

When Erin was five her parents sat her down in front of Sesame Street and she’s never looked back. Today her TV tastes run to Atlanta, The Handmaid’s TaleGreat British Baking Show, Casual, You’re the Worst, Endeavour, Father Brown, and a host of others. She saw Poltergeist on opening night in the front row. Intense. Then there’s our annual #oscarbinge. Think Netflix binging is hardcore? In 2015 Erin watched 35 movies in 37 days, in 2016 it was 29 movies in 33 days and in 2017: 24 in 33 days.



sally watts

Sally Watts Contributing Writer

Sally Watts is a contributing writer for Really Short Reviews covering the movies and TV Erin isn’t allowed to see (#clownfear is real). She is a Charleston-based family photographer, sometimes lifestyle writer, and movie buff, excitedly wielding a shiny new Moviepass card.





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